Level 5

Level 4 Strength & Conditioning & Kicks

Strength and Conditioning: Ninja athletes at the first two levels, both Intro and Flow, work primarily on building strength through conditioning, drill breakdowns and animal walks as lead up preparation for more structured ninja moves.   Strong students become coordinated and agile athletes! Plank Hold: Push Ups: V-Up: Plank Variations: Plank Hops Forward: Plank Hops Backward: …

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Level 4 Bar Skills

Upstart: Swing Regrasp: 180 Drop: 180 Pop: Cast Back Release 180: Le Chet: Grips: Single Leg Toe Touch To Bar: Scapular Dips: Traverse to Hang: Tuck Curl: Swing back release: Fish Flop: Pull Up: Lateral Pull Up: Tuck Tap Swing: Tap Swing: 180 Pop: Standard Pull Up: Wide Chin Up: Plyo Pull Up: Bent Arm …

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Level 4 Trampoline Skills

Barrel Roll: Back drop side roll Cradle Back Drop to Back Drop: Cruise Front Drop to Front Drop: Front Tuck: Back Tuck: Back Layout: Turn Table: Front drop 1/2 twist to front drop Helicopter: Front drop 1/1 twist to front drop Back Drop 360: Back drop 1/1 twist to back drop, no traveling across trampoline …

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