Lesson Tag: Level 5

Level 4 Wall Skills

Wall Run to Absorb: Beginning progression to a wall climb Horizontal Wall Run: Cat Grab: Run In Cat Grab Wall Climb: 270 Tic Tack: Angle entry into wall mat Each step and hand gets higher Drill spider man crawl Drive knees up Land two feet absorbed Wall Spin: Wall Flip: Palm Flip With Spot: Palm …

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Level 4 Vault Skills

VaultingStart vaulting drills on the floor and then add speed, momentum and heightNo knees, elbows or head touch the vaulting obstacle in level oneLevel two vaulters may touch their back. Level III vaulters may touch their back and headAthletes must jump before making contact with the vaulting obstacle Reverse Roll Vault: Reverse 180: Kong Vault …

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Level 4 Floor Skills TUMBLING

Dive Roll: Handstand Walk: Run Hurdle Round off: Front Handspring: Back Handspring: Punch Front Tuck over Obstacle: Punch Front Tuck Standing Back Tuck: Elevated Webster: Side Somersault:  Cork: B Kick: B Twist: STAFF TRAINING: LEVEL 4 JUMPS AND TUMBLING SAFETY AND SKILLS