5 Levels Illustrated Mat Diagrams – 52 Weeks


5 Levels Illustrated Mat Diagrams – 52 Weeks

5 Levels Illustrated Mat Diagrams – 52 Weeks

Our Weekly Illustrated MAT Guides are comprehensive resource designed to simplify the process of setting up gym layouts specifically tailored for Ninja classes. Each week, subscribers use a new guide packed with detailed illustrations and instructions aimed at removing the guesswork from organizing gym spaces.

These guides go beyond mere written descriptions by providing visual aids that effectively communicate the optimal arrangement of mats, equipment, strength stations and obstacles. By incorporating illustrations, your guides ensure clarity and ease of understanding for both instructors and practitioners.

The content is structured to be used on a weekly basis, allowing for gradual implementation and adaptation of gym layouts over time. Whether it’s designing obstacle courses, arranging safety mats, or optimizing space utilization, your guides cover a range of aspects crucial for creating an engaging and safe environment for Ninja classes.

Your weekly mat guides serve as a valuable tool for gym owners, instructors, and enthusiasts alike, empowering them to create dynamic and effective setups for Ninja training sessions without the hassle of guesswork!

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