Cardio and Course


Our Go Ninja ACTIVITY DOWNLOADS are perfect for:

  • Structured conditioning for self led social distance stations
  • Student choice to promote decision making and accomplishment
  • Movement categories to make learning simple and clear
  • Illustrated challenges that are pin, post and share ready
  • Variety to switch up your calisthenics
  • Inspiration for ZOOM classes
  • Fun for all ages and ability levels

What’s included in your digital purchase?

  1. 40 lesson plans illustrated for sharing! Cardio
  2. 40 lesson plans illustrated for sharing! Obstacle Course
  3. 2 Certificates – Editable
  4. 20 Obstacle course ideas – low level obstacles on the floor
  5. 6 Week Fit Tracker Page
  6. 8 Week Fit Tracker Page
  7. 1 Poster – BODY SHAPES
  8. 1 Poster – CARDIO SHAPES
  10. 1 Poster – STRENGTH SHAPES



Digital, Printed, Digital and Printed


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