Why Go Ninja

Go Ninja Kids

AGES: 3 - 5

Classes are designed to keep high energy kids engaged while learning movement concepts and character values. Watch your preschooler’s natural curiosity for movement grow with our dynamic and fast paced class full of running, jumping, kicking, tumbling and FUN! Focus is on beginning social awareness and following directions.

Level I: Intro

AGES: 5 - 11

Our Intro lessons move kids through warm-ups, stations and obstacle courses highlighted with a movement emphasis and fitness challenge. We introduce the sport of ninja while spotlighting the development of body awareness, terminology and strength. Sport readiness, character building, team work and listening skills are fine-tuned as we climb, swing, twist and jump through structured and age appropriate obstacles courses.

Level II: Flow

AGES: 5 - 11

Our Beginner level lessons move kids through more structured warrior moves and combinations. Skill acquisition is now put into practice as we build more intense sequences of skills to create free running routes and more intricate obstacle course maneuvering. Focus is on progressions with an emphasis on building control and proper form.

Level III: Tempo

AGES: 7 - UP

Our Intermediate class curriculum is diverse as it focuses on both strength and focus in addition to skill acquisition and movement in practice. Students begin to excel while maneuvering obstacles and combinations while mastering aerial tumbling skills, jumps and kicks. Focus is on technique, repetition and consistency.

Level IV: Turbo

AGES: 7 - UP

Our ADVANCED level ninja classes are designed for athletes with a strong movement background who have safely acquired progressive skills and strength required for more complex combinations. Free running routes are a component of the curriculum as well as connecting tumbling and aerial skills. Focus for advanced athletes is on safety, strength and collaboration.

Level V: Pro

AGES: 7 - UP

Our top class curriculum is challenging and free form as it is designed to accentuate the individual athlete. Skill mastery is combined with creativity, challenges and vision.